Government Sales/Contracts

Eagles Of War
Provides high quality
 Clothing & Insignia
 Through military and government
contracts at very competitive prices.
A large selection of the items we can provide
are listed on this site along with their retail pricing.
For additional information and a Wholesale/quote please call
Albert @ 1-800-825-5998 or e-mail

Eagles Of War
is a registered
United States Department of Defense
and Units can deal direct for all your local purchase.

DUNS: 615580727  

Unit Sales
101st Airborne Division Units;
Your unit Impack credit card holder must come into
our store to open an account with us.
Once your account is opened you can buy items
listed on this site at wholesale prices.

Our Military Insignia are manufactured to TIOH Specifications under Hallmark #A35, #A25, #H27, G23, #U23, #I21 and #B31

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